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Monkey VPN Review is one of the leading VPN Review website whose focus is to provide you VPN reviews, features and different deals & discount and also to keep you updated with the best VPN service providers in the vpn industry. Other than that we will update you about iOS VPN providers, Windows VPN Provider and much more. If you want to check best vpn service providers of 2015 simply check out our top vpn list below.

If you are interested to get further knowledge about what is the VPN? Simply scroll down and read the details about VPN Service providers and their purpose.

Best 5 VPN Services:

hidemyass service VPN Rank

Hidemyass is the most proficient and experienced vpn provider among all vpn service providing companies. They have extensive range of vpn servers in more than 160+ countries around the globe. They have very strong custom software which supports all the leading operating systems and devices.

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vpn rating

Rating 5 Stars


Ipvanish vpn service VPN Rank

IPvanish is the leading vpn service provider with 165+ VPN servers in more than 60+ countries. The best thing about IPvanish is that they have user-friendly vpn software which is very easy to use. The main goal of IP vanish is to provide better customer satisfaction on a very affordable price with money back guarantee.

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vpn rating

Rating 4.8 Stars

$ 4.87/month

Expressvpn service VPN Rank

Expressvpn is the only VPN service provider who has the power of encryption and trusted tunneling speed. Express vpn is recognized for most secure vpn service who also has SSL secured feature which keeps you safe from less encryption environment to very high 256-bit encryption.

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vpn rating

Rating 4.6 Stars


Purevpn service VPN Rank

PureVPN is the pioneer and well reputed company among VPN providers. They are highly trusted by internet freedom lovers around the globe. They have 450+ VPN servers around the world which are highly proficient in providing great encryption to the users to access blocked website and to keep them safe & protected.

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vpn rating

Rating 4.4 Stars


Ibvpn service VPN Rank

Ibvpn service provider is very experienced in offering Vpn services and has wide variety of protocols to secure and satisfy their customer needs and requirements. Ibvpn software is very friendly, easy to use and stress-free to connect people from all over the world. Globally, users trust ibvpn services which keep them secure in the internet world.

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vpn rating

Rating 3.9 Stars


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What is the VPN and how is it helpful?

VPN can be defined in one line as “the single key for unlocking many doors”. VPN stands for virtual Private network which protects your internet browsing activities from the hackers. It gives you the unique IP address depending on which server you are connected after connecting with VPN service you can access blocked website and other favorite content such as Facebook, Youtube and many other channels which are restricted in your country with fastest vpn connection.

For example, in China one cannot access several websites such as Google which is highly restricted there. As a result, the only option left to access is by using china vpn providers who arrange for the special vpn servers and IPs to access the blocked website and content in china.

Same goes with UK VPN Providers & US VPN they offer you the distinct VPN server to bypass the restricted content within UK & US, Canada & in Australia. The most interesting aspect of VPN connection is that your data starts moving from secure tunnels and gets encrypted specially to keep your information safe from the hackers and ultimately gives you the internet security, privacy for protecting your personal information.

We have also arranged a very comprehensive list of top 10 vpn providers which you can go through and select one of them to test vpn service. Here we also found a list of Fast VPN Service providers and best 5 torrent vpns hope you like them, When you subscribe to any vpn service provider you will find the custom software & apps which can be used according to your needs and requirement.

Here are some basic tips to use any VPN service provider software:
  1. Initially, choose your protocol either pptp/l2tp/OpenVPN according to your need.
  2. Select any country server depending on the location you want to be connected.
  3. If you like to encrypt your data then go to software setting tab and mark the encryption, usually by default software doesn’t encrypt your data so you have to do it manually.
  4. In the end, simply press connect button and enjoy the internet freedom.

Lastly, Always try to explore the software and apps of any vpn service provider you will find many other useful options within the software and app and use them as per your needs. If you don’t find any such feature which you were expecting to have just simply contact vpn provider technical support.

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